For PARENTS Who Can't Seem to Get Screen Time Under Control...

5 Screen Time Mistakes You Are Making

That May Be Causing MORE Tantrums!

5 Screen Time Mistakes You Are Making That May Be Causing MORE Tantrums!
There are specific times to incorporate screens 

that will get you that rest you need to promote learning and regulation in your child.

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What Can We Do 

About Them?

Let’s face it, toddlers have tantrums! 

Tantrums are healthy and natural… and also sometimes out of control, annoying, and overwhelming. 

We are not here to tell you how to stop tantrums all together, because you can’t stop them from happening altogether. That’s like asking a wave not to crash...

But, it is our job to help our children through their tantrums and maybe make them shorter, less intense, and less frequent for the sake of all our sanity.
Tantrums can happen because of many different emotional experiences.

Optimize these screen time tips so you can have a better handle on your toddler's tantrums.

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